Nanna Obel focuses her personal artistic research on the role of women in contemporary society and on the public and private perception of their bodies, especially in relation to intimate and delicate experiences such as female hygiene, intelligence, dependence on marriage, promiscuity, assault and aging. Difficult issues to deal with, which often generate feelings of guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, difficulties in self-affirmation in the woman's experience, especially towards men. 

The expressive style, always focused on telling a story and on the juxtaposition of multiple levels and narrative environments, is influenced by her background as a graphic designer and is characterized by a very personal use of collage. 

Nanna Obel / Such little things - A Jewel of a Wife ...with just on Flaw

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  • Nanna Obel has her jewellery practice just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

    She was educated at The Royal Danish Academy
    of Fine Arts as a graphic designer and worked in various design studios for 15 years before changing career path. After intensive goldsmiths courses and a degree from The Institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen in 2015, she is now developing her unique jewellery in her studio. She was nominated for The Copenhagen Goldsmith Guild’s talent Prize in 2019 and has exhibited her work in Denmark, France, Spain and USA. 

    She has a big interest in political issues and women’s rights - themes which she often incorporates in her work. She is also part of an artist group of four women called “Rørt” (Moved). The group was selected and has exhibited joint artworks at the Biennale for Craft and Design in Copenhagen in 2017 and 2019.