Sketches with Air

From her latest series, ALL ABOUT TIME.

Maria Ignacia Walker presents a woven mask with human hair, a bodysuit and a self-portrait sketchbook.

A body of works that speaks of time and its cyclical nature, organically represented in the act of weaving, as in the most ancient archetypes of the densest mythologies.  The richness of the multi-layered languages used by Maria opens up endless discourses about her practice, which fit in between of performance art, wearable art and contemporary ornament. 

Maria Walker / Sketches with air N8 "Self Portrait"

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    Maria Ignacia Walker was trained as a jeweler and her interest for the human body is expressed through different artistic disciplines. She approaches art by working with metal, experimenting with material, using her craftemanship to make jewellery, body pieces, objects and installations.

    She graduated in 2007 at the Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile in Art Direction.

    In 2015 she completed her studies in Florence obtaining a MFA in Jewellery and Body Ornaments at Alchimia Jewellery School, supported by a scholoarship from the Chilean Ministry of Culture (Fondart).

    In 2018 she is invited to Khio, Oslo National Academy of Art, to take part to a special artist in residence program in the metal department.

    In the last years Maria have been traveling to America, Asia and Europe giving lectures and workshops.

    She is currently based in Florence where she teaches in Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence and she travels for exhibitions and fairs.