The collection derives from the previous one, Miracle booster, born as a result of Letizia Maggio research on new, unexplored ways of combining glass with metal.

Different shapes for the same concept, where silver is 

used along with fragments of discarded mosaic tiles , that are thus given a sense of preciousness 

as if  they were precious stones. 

The title refers to another previous collection, called More 

truths, and the reason is that the search for new aesthetics and techniques in jewellery making goes hand in hand with her search for the meaning of ‘truth’.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is meant to be a talisman of our times, a 

multiplier of good energies and little daily miracles.

Letizia Maggio / Ring Post Truths #1 - Post Truths

€ 240,00Price
  • Letizia Maggio, after having enriched her education through goldsmithing and ceramics courses with internationally well-known artists, has translated everything she has learned into research into the materials and languages of contemporary jewelry. Her works, micro works which blend sculpture, painting and installative language, are internationally renowned.