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Lavinia Rossetti was recently the recipient of a residency hosted at San W Gallery/Studio in Shanghai together with Gussie van der Merwe. After the observation of the country in where they have been hosted, they started to develop their own critical interpretations of Shanghai through handmade object or jewelry. 


Lavinia engaged herself reasoning from everyday and ordinary actions, like eating. In fact, eating is one of the most immediate, authentic and natural ways to explore a new country.  An entire culture and history is concentrate in the culinary tradition.

After arriving in China, chopsticks were the first ‘tool’ of mediation between herself and a new reality. These utensils became her keys for interpreting new flavors and a new culture.

‘I am fascinated by the symbolic meaning as well as the aesthetic and intrinsic qualities of chopsticks.
By cutting up, interlacing, imprinting them, I transformed one the most common objects by creating structures that became wearable pieces inspired by my new surroundings’ she stated.


She collected the chopsticks that came with every take-away meal. The result is a body of work consisting of 157 pairs of disposable chopsticks. This is her intuitive analysis of China and its flavors, a very fast digestion of all the visual inputs that she got during this stay.

The series intuitively expresses the symbolic value of an everyday object, by making it look as an icon. It becomes a social instrument for reading and interpreting those customs and traditions that are unknown, foreign, and different. It opens a mutual relationship and reciprocity between the wearer and the surrounding by creating a link and an empathetic approach toward the others.

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  • Lavinia Rossetti is an Italian born, Belgium based contemporary jewellery maker, currently researching at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp (Body & Material Reinvented group) where she investigates the performative role of jewellery using an interdisciplinary and experimental approach. 


    She taught at Alchimia Jewellery School while combining travels to Asia for collaborations and workshops in Shanghai (Academy of International Visual Arts, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, SanW Gallery/Studio). She currently travels to Milan where she collaborate with IED (European Institute of Design). Her work has been represented by Caroline Van Hoek (Bruxelles) and more recently by Antonella Villanova (Florence) and shown in international exhibitions and design fairs.