These rings are part of the body of work titled ‘Woman.hood’ made in 2019. Each was shaped and textured by using Russian letters which formed phrases from old texts or songs celebrating life, turning each ring into an affirmative device. 
 Subsequently, in 2020, after the first lockdown burnout, the artist felt the need to transmit the newly imposed state of mind of confusion, helplessness but also hope by erasing the previous messages, shaping the rings again and adding obsessivley repeated letters, traces, symbols and ‘scars’ to the surface. Thus the rings became testimonies of human vulnerability.

Daria Borovkova / Ring - From The Series Woman.Hood

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  • Born in Russia to a family of diplomats, Daria Borovkova was exposed from early childhood to a multitude of social, linguistic and cultural influences, which remain the main area of interest in her artistic practice. Her means of expression are jewellery, objects, drawings and photography, which merge to form a peculiar individual metalanguage. 

    Daria lives, teaches and works mainly in Florence, Italy.