According with his traditional artistic research, which speaks through great archetypes, in his latestwork Tanel Veenre creates a series of nipples (papilla in fact from the Latin means nipple).Throughout the history of art and cultures, the breast has always had great relevance, and has beenrepresented over time by virtue of its value, whether the latter was erotic or maternal.Ancient symbolof femininity and emblem of fertility, Tanel takes up its simple shapes to create aseries of ironic brooches, carvedfromreal gemstones (onyx, rock crystal).To the symbolic and propitiatory value, which accompanies the breast as a symbol of wealth andfertility, Tanel adds the irony and subtle provocation typical of his art, where the idea ofsex toys isalways predominant, with the aim of sabotaging the formalism and the patterns of contemporaryrespectability society.His research touches the intimate themes of sexual identity in its most mysterious and controversialmeaning, in that grey area of consciousness in which the contours fade and the impulses becomeindefinite.The male and female genitalia, acting as stereotypes, elements of cultural and visual construction,are the subject of his latest aesthetic research.Sexuality and religion, eroticism and mysticism, sensuality and passion meet and find expression inan original and symbolic language of symbols and icons

Tanel Veenre / Brooches from the series "Papilla"

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  • Tanel Veenre lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.Hewaseducated as a jewellery artist (MA) at the Estonian Academy of Arts (1995-2005) and GerritRietveld Academiein Amsterdam (1997-98). He has been showing his work since 1996, whichincludes jewellery, photography and fashion. From 2012-2017 he worked as a professor in theDesign Faculty at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Tanel Veenre has exhibited his works in morethan250 solo and group exhibitions around the world–including in major museums–and has givenlectures/workshops in Estonia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, Scotland, Finland, Portugal, Spain,Norway, Israel, Sweden, Chile, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico and Germany. He is represented by galleriesin Sweden, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Austria, Mexico and Brazil. Since 2013 he isrunning a jewellery brand Tanel Veenre Jewellery sold in more than 20 stores in Europe, Canada andChina. In 2018 he opened a flagship store in Tallinn city centre. Tanel Veenre is a father of twins anda happy man.