Anna Lewis continues her research around the idea of the corset being a tool of both constriction and manipulation, by bringing the work back to the idea of the #naked #body in close proximity to the object. Through her work, which evolves through the use of different materials and aesthetics, Anna expresses the need to reunite, reverse the rupture of the human and overcome the detachment that is damaging us.

Anna Lewis / Don't touch 2 - touch don' touch

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  • Anna Lewis is Welsh based artist and designer maker exploring ideas through the mixture of jewellery,fashion, photography and film.Originally trained as a jewellery designer, she has exhibited incontemporary craft galleries and events all over the world and has been featured in many internationaldesign publications. Anna is also a lecturer in Design Crafts and Surface Pattern Design at Swansea Collegeof Art.Anna has also diversified into large-scale installation and collaborated with photographers, filmmakers,dancers and musicians on several projects including music videos and fashion film. Notions of the body,beauty and making in mixed media remain central to the work.An innovative use of mixed media oftencombines with delicate printed imagery with materials such as feathers, leather, wood, silk, stones, silverand vintage objects